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If  you don't have a system now, or you need to replace your existing one, it's easy to order a complete wireless system to fit your needs.  We recommend MyYolink® a complete, low cost, easy to install wireless alarm system for under $100.00 and only $9.95 per month for Professional Monitoring through VirtuAlarm.®

MyYolink® is internet based security system that is rich with features. Much like Simply Safe and Ring, it was designed with simplicity in mind, but it goes far beyond the capabilities of a simple alarm system. The MyYolink® system starts with its HUB and can be custom designed from there to provide not only a comprehensive security alarm for either Home or Business, but allows for many IOT devices to be added to it as well.  In fact, you can add over 200 devices to a single hub.  And with Long Range (LORA) signal technology, you won't have to worry about dead spots in your premises where the remote wireless devices wont be monitored 24/7.  Installation and setup takes mere minutes with its step by step Q-code instructions that run using a smart phone.

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The Standard DIY Yolink® system purchased on Amazon is NOT PROFESSIONALLY MONITORED and only allows notifications by APP to the user in the event of an alarm condition.  However, If the user is not readily available to receive the notification, or their phone is off, or in do not disturb mode, THE ALERT MAY GO TOTALLY UNNOTICED OR AT THE VERY BEST, SEVERLY DELAYED!

VirtuAlarm® turns the Standard DIY Yolink® system purchased online at Amazon or any retailer, into the MyYolink® Professionally Monitored Alarm System for only $9.95 per Month. 

PLUS, the VirtuAlarm® APP allows the user to ARM and DISARM the YOLINK system from their smart phone, as well as CANCEL, DISPATCH or REVIEW ANY VIDEO CAMERAS should an alarm go off, something the standard YOLINK system simply cannot do.   

Once provisioned for Professional Monitoring by VirtuAlarm®, Three (3) additional layers of secure alarm notification processes above the Standard DIY notifications are added, for up to 10 users per account, including, APP notifications, SMS Notifications, IVR Call Notifications and finally, Live Operator for Police, Fire and Medical Response. 


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