Our GUARANTEE to be able to monitor ANY ALARM SYSTEM installed by ANYONE, ANYWHERE does not stop here.

If we could not get your working alarm system to send in alarm signals into our monitoring center using traditional methods through a phone line, internet or by cellular transmitter, we can offer you our advanced exclusive patented "ALARM EAR" monitoring system.


At no additionoal charge we will send you a wireless "ALARM EAR SYSTEM" which includes our wireless "EAR HUB" and wireless "ALARM EAR".  Simply plug the "EAR HUB" into your local home or business internet router.  Once connected, our "EAR HUB" makes a secure supervised connection between your alarmed premises and our CENTRAL STATION.  You also receive a wireless "ALARM EAR" that is placed next to your alarm systems siren or bell.


When your alarm sounds for 5 seconds or more, our wireless "ALARM EAR" will send a signal to the "EAR HUB" which instantly notifies our CENTRAL STATION and multiple cellphones and emails of your alarm in progress.  Once we receive the GENERAL ALARM condition, we begin the alarm call out process as if the alarm was monitored in a traditional manner.


We even offer a wireless "FIRE EAR" sensor that can be mounted next to any SMOKE DETECTOR for 24 hour monitoring in  a similiar method with our "ALARM EAR" or as a stand alone service even if your smoke detectors are not part of your traditional alarm system.


So if your existing alarm system is too old or cannot be reprogrammed.  Even if it is LOCKED OUT by your previous alarm company or if you want FIRE monitoring without a control panel added.  we can monitor it using our "ALARM EAR".


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